Swahili Vision International Association

The Swahili Vision International Association's purpose is to promote Swahili Language, Culture, and Arts.
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Who are we?

Swahili Vision International Association is a community of Swahili speakers and others who are interested in Swahili language and culture. We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and our mission is to promote Swahili language, culture, and arts around the world. All individuals interested in Swahili Heritage are welcome to apply and join.


SVIA is empowering and unifying all individuals interested in Swahili Heritage through the Swahili Language, Cultures, Arts, Functions and Music programs.


To establish the Canada Institute of Kiswahili, and to work in collaboration with community agencies and other NGOs in order to serve better all individuals interested in Swahili heritage.


SVIA programs include:

  • Swahili Institute Development
  • Youth Engagement
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Arts Together for Seniors
  • Swahili Day
  • Swahili Exhibition